Timeline of Lyrianthe

The Dwarf Carves the World

1.1 In the beginning, there was only stone. 
1.2 Dwarf carved himself from this stone, his own first creation. 
1.2.1 The shards of stone that fell from his chisel became his people, who began to dig into His world and craft in His image.
1.3. Finding himself lonesome, Dwarf carved himself a companion. 
1.3.1 Now that he had the practiced hand of a sculptor, this second sculpture had a finer form, with more delicate flakes. She named herself Elf.
1.3.1 As the stone flakes of Elf fell, they became the Elven people, taking refuge in the high places of creation.
2.1 Long after he had finished carving, Dwarf looked down into the world.
2.2 He saw that amongst the dwarves and elves there was another race, though no one had carved them.
2.2.1 Man had spread itself across all of creation, living not below as the Dwarves, nor above as the Elves

The Dwarf Splits the World

3.1 He looked across the land and saw how the beings that he brought forth mistreated the world he had laid out for them and decided to smash it into the sea.

3.2 The stone and sand that had fallen from his Great Hammer had built up and solidified such that when he tried to smash the world  to pieces with his great strength, he was but able to split the land and break his Fire Hammer.

3.3 The oceans did boil, and the mountains sprung up and breathed fire, and the skies washed over with ash and cloud, and the ancients fell.

3.4 The hot sand grew hotter and forever washed into the ocean. The cold mountains grew colder and built walls of ice.

3.5 The sadness felt by the land had the Mask of Ancient Ice spring the tears that watered the Great Trees that spread from sand to ice.


Timeline of Lyrianthe

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